450 000 lumen!
EXTRA high flash output!
CONTINUOUS lighting performance (100Hz)
DMX 512 system (double)
Automatically controlled electronic safety feature
Auto voltage sensing
Thermal shut-down feature
Highly accurate flashing system
Three phase system capability
Master-slave capability
Small sizes
RACK 19″ mounting capability
SELF-Test functions, LED indicator

Price: 812,00 €
Tömeg: 8600 g


What a difference!

Quasar is such a versatile product that just trying to imagine all that you can do with it would be a difficult task. To put it in a nutshell, this strobe can be used virtually anywhere that flash or constant light is required, from low-output applications to lightning effect. It is suitable for disco, theatre, stage, and rental company applications. And it can be controlled in four modes: DMX and SELF. All this is offered at a highly competitive price.

High-Intensity Flash Tube


To achieve ultra-high intensity, we had to design a revolutionary tube. But the years of effort and development have resulted in a product that offers a tremendous increase in output power. For comparison purposes, our surveys indicate that a normal XOP15-compatible tube would last only seconds or possibly up to two minutes if used in a Quasar®. We’ve even developed a new holder system to eliminate shipping damage to these high-performance tubes.

Two Types of Quasar

Although both are fairly compact in size, our products are available in two versions: NORMAL and FLAT. The FLAT version is most recommended for those who want to minimize overall output light intensity. The FLAT Quasar will also be the basis of the Quasar® SILENT version for theatres that we are currently developing.

Unprecedented Versatility

In terms of controllability, our product is the most versatile equipment available today. When using an analogue controller, each unit occupies two analogue channels. The analogue inputs are protected against any interference; therefore no special cables are needed. When applying DMX control, each unit requires two DMX channels in accordance with the two different DMX protocols. This input is also interference-proof. A DIP-switch enables the continuous and the TURBO modes to be turned on and off at any time in case of power shortage. The unit is able to convert input DMX signals into analogue/impulse signals, thus operating as a kind of a signal converter allowing a QUASAR unit to control other TURBO strobes.


Power Supply 230-240 V V