Max. power: 5000 W
Flash rate: 0-20 Hz
Intensity: 0-100 %
Control signals: DMX
3-Phase system capability
Protected inputs

Price: 530,00 €
Tömeg: 8600 g


NORMAL „1500” strobe with a plus

Although it was one of our first products, the 2500 strobe is still widely in use today. That’s partly because our strobes offer something that no other rival product does: a unique output power compared to that of an ordinary 1500 strobe. It is not only powerful, it is also easy to replace.

How the EURODMX differs from our original TURBO Strobe? We’ve taken our highly successful TURBO Strobe and made it even better by reducing its size, eliminating the barn doors and making it a DMX-only product.

Considerable durability

The circuits were designed with extra durability in mind. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to damage them under normal conditions. Past experience indicates that the average lifetime of our products is more than 6 years. . We’ve even developed a new holder system to eliminate shipping damage to these high-performance tubes. The 3 indicator LED helps your work:

EURODMX is just a bit bigger than USDMX.


Power Supply 230-240 V V