One-of-a-kind performance worldwide. 85,000W

Not even a nearby rival product is visible on earth.

2 400 000 lumen !!!!!!

Price: 8 100,00 €
Méret: 93cm x 32cm x 28cm (HxSzxM)
Tömeg: 22 kg


Early in the new millennium, we created T-LIGHT, a lightning simulator or stroboscope effect. Since then, no comparable product has been released.

For a maximum of three seconds, the device can emit 85,000W of lightpower. This brief duration is sufficient to drive the unique 85000W flash tube with excellent efficiency. 2.4 million lumens or so. The 63A small circuit breaker’s interrupting feature allows this massive device to draw nearly 400A for up to 4 seconds. But the electronic safeguard  system we’ve created cuts the power in about three seconds. As a result, the device operates in a fully conventional and safe manner. After roughly 55 seconds, the next maximum energy is achievable.


Using any standard DMX console or the T-LIGHT controller designed specifically for this purpose, controlling the device is simple for anyone. The user has access to several pre-programmed flashes when using the T-LIGHT controller, but you can also program your own. These intended lightning curves need to be programmed into the DMX console al well when utilizing one. Four DMX channels can be used to remotely control the T-LIGHT controller via a DMX signal. The controller has little collections of lightning light effects. The stainless steel-bodied T-LIGHT 85000W luminaires are completely rainproof. Additionally, the flash duration ranges from 1/24 to 3 seconds.


A sizable hard shell box can contain the T-LIGHT due to its small size. A second flash tube recommended to store in it, created with the newest lamp-making technology, must included with every unit. Neither our customers nor we have encountered an 85,000W flash tube that could be proven to have expired in the previous 25 years. It is generally true that breaks and drops cause flash tubes to be destroyed. Low-pressure, non-explosive XENON is used in the lamp. There are only 44 pounds in the T-LIGHT unit. (20 kg)


The light beam can be manually adjusted to a SPOT or WIDE angle. Color filters and barn doors can also be used if needed. If you require them, simply inform your nearby distributor, and we will produce it.


The device has a Residual Current Circuit Breaker in addition to an internal magnetic and thermal circuit breaker. The circuit senses when the front panel is removed, such as when changing the flash tube, and shuts it off. The circuit shuts off in the event of a malfunction, thermal runaway, or localized short circuit.

If, for some reason, 20 seconds of continuous operation is required instead of 3 seconds, that problem can also be resolved because we can operate dependably at this brightness if we set the brightness value to such an extent that the protection turns off after 20 seconds. In film practice, if a flash unit’s brightness is low, 10 might occasionally work well for filming.

T-LIGHT is full of film allusions. The explosion simulations are occasionally mixed with multiple pieces of QUASAR. Despite the fact that we did not define HungaroFLASH in that manner when we sold the equipment, the rental companies did not promote the name.


Nominal Voltage 165-250 V
Power Consumption max 63 - need SLOW FUSE min80A A
Beamangle 10 degree vertical - 170 degree horizontal
Dimming 10-100 %
Control DMX or RDM DMX 512
Color temperature 5600 K
CRI 100
IP rating IP65
Dimensions (LxWxH) 93x32x28 cm
Weight 22 kg