How much superior it is to flash at 15 kW!

Price: 812,00 €
Méret: 55cm x 13cm x 10cm (HxSzxM)
Tömeg: 4 kg


Drawing from our thirty years of experience, we firmly believe that this is the world’s best stroboscope performance. The closest it gets is about 3000W, as advertised by a competing product from a different manufacturer.

It is especially appropriate for discos, theaters, stages, and any rental application because of its unmatched performance. Can be used in RDMDMX mode with any DMX standard controller. We offer all of this at a very competitive cost.

We developed the flash tube specifically because there aren’t many high-performance products on the market. We sell to clients directly or via our global network of exclusive dealers.


We have previously created SILENT QUASAR versions as well, which satiate the theater’s silent requirements. More precisely, to give you the ability to manage the cooling fan and, should the need arise for a quiet environment, to temporarily turn it off. This feature can be obtained by using RDM DMX. These days, we produce this product on demand if there is a large enough order quantity.

Superior flexibility

In terms of controllability, our product is currently the most versatile gadget available on the market. When using DMX control, each unit needs a minimum of two DMX channels; however, a 4-channel „effect mode” is also offered. What sets QUASAR apart from the rest of the world is the ability to choose between two distinct DMX protocols. The first is the standard DMX512, second is the so-called HungaroFLASH protocol. In the latter scenario, one DMX channel is adequate since the output signal of the DMX controller is utilized at the flashing frequency automatically.

The HunagroFLASH protocol must be followed if a user wishes to use multiple QUASARs simultaneously and there cannot be a few milliseconds between each unit’s flashes. Furthermore, interference-free signal updating on the DMX input permits the use of up to 200 meters of control cable when needed. It is possible to switch between TURBO and continuous mode using the DISPLAY (or DIP switch on older models).

The device has a lifespan of more than 15 years under normal use. More videos on HungaroFLASH chanel.


Nominal Voltage 165-250 V
Power Consumption max 16 - need SLOW FUSE min20A A
Beamangle 10 degree vertical - 170 degree horizontal
Dimming 10-100 %
Control DMX or RDM DMX 512
Color temperature 5600 K
CRI 100
IP rating IP 20
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10x13x55 cm
Weight 4 kg