An increasing amount of our customers’ orders are for products that are not yet available in the regular course of commerce. It does, in a sense, necessitate a new parameter, and for good reason—unique products are a major factor in raising competitiveness.


Price: 150,00 €
Méret: 120cm x 4cm x 4cm (HxSzxM)
Tömeg: 1 kg


We got the chance to shoot and take part in a 2020 movie set. The set originally needed a large number of conventional ceiling lights. Modern fluorescent lights were inappropriate for these scenes because the ambiance needed to evoke the 90s. It’s difficult to find these vintage fluorescent tubes with out-of-date colors these days. Production could use either the Astera 45W or the HungaroFLASH 75W to get the appropriate light quality. It is advised that our specially-made LED tubes be used in place of the ASTERA fluorescent tubes, which need 250 batteries. The daily uploading and upkeep of ASTERA would have been a very serious test, given the next five months of work. Not to mention the astronomical costs associated with the purchase or rental. Customer approval was achieved by our product. The Wired T12 LED RGBWw 48V power supply system was the new item. The entire expenditure amounted to roughly one-third of the ASTERA’s cost. But the final product was better than what ASTERA could produce at the time. The new task is to create an LED tube using a T12 size opal tube and RGBWw led strip controlled by DMX. In addition to 250 LED tubes with a 75 W design, a driver and a power supply were required. Dimable 0-100%, total 15000W. Budapest is fortunate to be included in so many major and independent motion pictures each year. Getting stock was a little challenging due to the Covid control, but we figured it out. The manufactured goods fulfilled the specifications to the letter. For several months, working with them was enjoyable. It was filmed over almost seven months and produced as a four-episode Netflix series. We were in agreement that special technical requirements were necessary during our conversation with the lighting technician, but our combined knowledge and experience were insufficient to fully understand the needs. Our understanding of these increased to 100% after watching the episodes. When it comes to film work, the adage „100% is not always enough” is actually even more accurate. It takes more than just that to succeed. Once more, we acquired a crucial lesson. We believe that the new product we have developed is successful. We quickly expanded on it to create the RGB CLA Ww product. We can quickly produce any color of LED strip thanks to our unique LED strip production process.

COLOR universe

Currently, the RedGreenBlueCyanLimeAmberWhite6000White2700 arrangement produces color mixing that is of the highest caliber. The total power is double that of the competing product because each color uses a 15W/T12 tube, while the white color uses a 40W/T12 tube. It’s true that there isn’t a battery, but we don’t want to develop it that way because of the cost.

Red                  15W

Green              15W

Blue                 15W

Cyan                  15W

Lime                  15W

Amber               15W

White 6000    40W

White 2700    40W

RDM-DMX512 controllable and flicker free operation is granted. 

Meanwell fanless powersupply to provide noiseless solution. Easy to install. 



Nominal Voltage 24 V
Power Consumption 144 A
Beamangle 120 degree vertical - 170 degree horizontal
Dimming 0-100 %
Control DMX or RDM DMX 512
Color temperature 5600 K
CRI 96
IP rating IP 20
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120x4x4 cm
Weight 1 kg