We don’t do extensive repairs. They are not necessary. We would like to bring attention to these services because we frequently receive requests from clients who have acquired or inherited stock, some of which contain HungaroFLASH products, and who are unsure of whether or not these products are reliable. In these situations, we promise to inspect these gadgets and do any necessary small- or large-scale repairs. They always state that the warranty is formally for 1-2 years when they are selling. However, even after this period has passed, we do not wish to absolve you of our responsibility to correct any mistakes. Furthermore, we can state that the lifetime warranty is still in effect if the customer unintentionally caused the defect or if there is another scenario. Naturally, we also fix anything we’ve produced in the last 30 years for nearly the cost of a replacement part. Since there have only been a few dozen minor cases of repair over the last thirty years, we bravely face them. We take a bold approach because that is its intended use and it is a simple fix. When a larger company has a service department, we typically work directly with them to provide the best guidance on which parts require replacement. However, to do this, a thorough explanation of the issue is required. Sending the devices to be repaired is another option. We return them with our legitimate 76% shipping credit.
The show has to proceed safely!